Peach are a fresh, hard hitting British rock band. Blending powerful no-nonsense guitar riffology with infectious vocal lines, their aim is to bridge the chasm between modern-pop and rock. Their live stage show is a glam-punk assault on the senses, brimming with passion, angst and energy. 


"Nothing's more important to me during a show than making each person in the audience feel like they're a member of the band, you gotta get everyone involved. No point in just standing there! If I don't come off  dripping with sweat then I haven't worked hard enough," says vocalist Matt, "For me it's key that everyone goes away from the show feeling a little better than when they walked in. Might sound cheesy, but ain't that the point of music?”


The band formed in late 2016 and quickly began work in the studio on their debut ‘Blue Skies’. A collection of three E.P.s to be released across 2017 / 2018.


In December 2016, They released ‘Rock n’ Roll Xmas’, an anthemic festive single, which won the Thomann International Christmas Song Competition, received BBC airplay and earned over 8,000 hits on Peach’s Youtube in just a week. 


During 2016 the band began their support of the Love Hope Strength Foundation; the world’s leading music against cancer charity. They staged a special show in support of the foundation, signing 45 people on to the world bone marrow donor register. This was followed in June 2017 with the release of their single ‘Now’ featuring Steve ‘Smiley’ Barnard guesting on Drums (Lily Allen, Joe Strummer, Robbie Williams) and James Stevenson on guitar (The Cult, The Alarm, Kim Wilde, Generation X). The video for ‘Now’ aims to raise awareness of the Love Hope Strength Foundation’s goal: saving lives one concert at a time.


’Now’ went on to receive nationwide airplay and was quickly followed onto BBC introducing by ‘Blue Skies’.


Throughout summer 2017, Peach have played extensively across the UK, performing alongside Carl Barat of the Libertines and making several festival appearances; including Snowdon Rocks, Electric Wave, Glastonbudget and YNot. 


The second EP ‘Blue Skies Part 2’ was released on 17th November 2017 coinciding with a music video for the title track, featuring footage from their explosive performance at this years YNot Festival, Silverstone and serveral other gigs.

Music Videos

Matt Peach -

Vocals + Guitar

James Stone -

Bass + BV's

Oolay Stone -

Drums + BV's


'Blue Skies' 


A collection of 3 digital EP’s to be released throughout 2017 / 2018.

1. Blue Skies  2. All Yours  3. Now 4.Liberation Radio 5. Love Solution  6. Gypsy  7. Guitars and Words   8. Someone To You  9. Hangover Hearbeat  10. Full Circle 11. Come Alive  12. Sing For You  13. Rock n’ Roll Xmas


A triumph. Powerful, very good. (Rock n’ Roll Xmas) could become a Christmas classic”  

- Dean Jackson, BBC Introducing 


"Fresh and Vital"

- Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols 


"F!!*!! amazing"

- Bruce Watson of Big Country 


"Gypsy' is a sheer joy to listen to...With “Come Alive” we have a much better example of a singer/song-writer putting his heart and soul into a song...When I first heard the album I felt the goose bumps raise on my arms and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up….it was that good and that does honestly not happen very often."

- Rock Regeneration 


"Matt's songs are very catchy...very singalongable. They are all Springsteenesque life experience stories that, the more you listen, the more you understand what they are about...What's more, there is some seriously tasty guitar work on here; I particularly like the solo in Hangover Heartbeat."

- Mark Potts, Nusakan Radio 


"Future of Rock n' Roll"

- Mike Peters of The Alarm 


"Proper band, proper singer, proper haircut and great white trousers"

- Liz Westwood of Westworld, Moondogg and The Philistines 


"Think they're fantastic, love it"

- Rusty Egan of The Rich Kids, The Skids, Visage and DJ


"Leaning more towards the Clash end of the spectrum, Liberate the Radio is flawless and shows great attention to detail in song construction."

- Beatlebabe, Sanctuary Xposed